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March 18, 2014

  1. Nhat:

    Tip: Just dip the rice-paper in warm to lukewarm water (with a little bit of sugar dissolved in it to make it stickier) and let the paper (which is still slightly stiff) rest on a plate until it softens up. This way the paper will have a pleasant chewiness to it and the springroll will be more firm and easier to eat and less likely to rip when you roll it.
    While the rice-paper is softening up on the plate, you can start arranging the ingredients and by the time you’re finished arranging the paper should be nice and soft. Also for the people whom struggle with the rolling it’s easier if you place the lettuce leaf flat on the rice-paper first and then arrange everything else on top!

    Also: Crushed roasted peanuts and/or cashew nuts add a nice crunch and taste to the rolls!

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December 31, 2014