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December 19, 2009

  1. bas:

    Spot on; this is on my wishlist!

  2. gregory:

    tom ford should do an update on his book with his mens collection and about him (and buckley) only. that would be worth buying at full price at his store.

    as for this prada book, as with many design house glorified retrospectives, i will have to pass.

  3. Olaf:

    Why would anybody want to own a collection of thumbnail pictures, let alone buy it, I wonder. Do you suggest that quantity is the new quality?
    The fact that Rem Koolhaas apparently advertises his shrewd ideas, again, does not put me in favour of this book either.
    I agree with Gregory: Tom Ford has style and Prada have styling assistants.

  4. matteo:

    the book is made/printed in china!!!
    and its sold at 90 pounds in the boutique!
    it does look good, the case and the cover.
    the paper is a bit cheap
    as for the content….not many new images…the rest is a collection of images and pictures already seen in the years.
    still a very nice xmas present!

  5. matteo:

    i meant 75 pounds

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