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December 14, 2009

  1. corby:

    most overheard conversations are so full of inane rubbish that one would love to erase them immediately, not record them for posterity. nonetheless, an interesting looking gadget.

  2. jimjam:

    So you must create a conversation yourself that replaces the drear of anything overheard

  3. Joshua Rood:

    I am so fucking fond of your magazine and website. Keep on the good work. The isle of sanity and good taste!

    Yours kindly,

    Joshua Rood

  4. Chelsey Fralin:

    I can not believe a number of of the webpages My spouse and i have been taken to from stumblupon (only just now this specific site) I was trying to spend a few tremendously dreary minutes away, when stumbleupon brought me right here. What a great website you have got I’m so happy to have seen it I have just spent the previous twenty mins going through several of your articles and reviews, and have furthermore bookmarked some of them. I will defiantly be back again in order to learn a little bit more when i have alittle more time.

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December 31, 2014