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May 19, 2010

  1. World Man About Town:

    Nice packaging!

  2. Anders:

    I tried this fleur de sel recently at Stumptown Coffee in New York. Its taste is both sensational and awkward, which makes it also quite non-addictive. I appreciate that. Nothing worse than devouring a whole bar in one go and feel sick the rest of the day.

  3. Ari:

    I would love to eat one of these chocolates, but they do not deliver out of the US. What a pitty.
    So, I just can continue dreaming about the delicious chocolate bars by the Mast Brothers.

    Watch this short video about the handsome Mast Brothers

  4. lineage of influence:

    I really like this chocolate but I’m a fan of dark chocolate in General. The packaging is lovely and reminds me of Goyard’s signature print a bit.

    I got mine from Paul A Young’s in Islington (bought for the missus, eaten by me).

  5. AD:

    Great your tip, Bas! If you come home, please buy me one! Looking forward to taste it.

  6. jimjam:

    What a refreshing idea to have a created on the – instead of the vile after…

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