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December 17, 2009

  1. Gibron:

    This would look amazing in a book case. Why can I not find this online?

  2. matt:

    Dear Gibron: It can be found online here but unfortunately it appears to be a part of the Japanese only section of the MUJI website. Perhaps you can find someone to help you translate?

  3. laurens:

    you can buy it here:
    only 27 in stock at this moment!

  4. jun:

    most lovely gift idea. it will certainly age charmingly over time, with the paper turning a little beige.

  5. george:

    I ordered on UK site and then got message that it was sold out, next day. I wanted to bad I called every store in London til i found one. They are mailing me one now. yay!

  6. george:

    I just called a store in the UK and asked them if they had any in stock. they mailed me one to the US. took 9 days. they were very accommodating.

  7. Lovetta Quisenberry:

    This is a fantastic post, but I was wondering how do I suscribe to the RSS feed?

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December 31, 2014