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January 22, 2010

  1. Serian:

    So amazing. it looks so warm and great. Except Price….

  2. magnus:

    This is confusing.
    Is it actually a mix of the wools from a goat and a rabbit? Doubt it.
    Or is it simply the wool from a so called cashgora goat – a crossbread like the pygora and nigora?
    Or is it the term used by breeders for fiber that is not up to the cashmere standard?

    It would be interesting to know the definition from Mr Ford.

  3. Charles:

    There are angora goats, as well. Perhaps that is the source for the “gora.”

  4. laurence:

    napoleon dynamite is a model and now wears tom ford? lord, please have sexy tom choose better looking models than this dud. i rather see it on a mannequin.

  5. Jay Sweany:

    Hey, nice post. I stumbled upon this blog, but I will definitely come here again. Take care.

  6. Border Terrier:

    Good post, I love animals myself, always have.

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