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January 23, 2010

  1. Capstick:

    I did´n t know why this movie looks so “Being Boring” music video, by PSB, for me. Now I know that both was directed by Weber. Well. The music video it is much better.

  2. Anders:

    Is that Bruce Weber’s voice?

  3. Worldmanabouttown:

    The documentary references to nude photography by a female photographer (allowing a presumed control and empowerment for women) are interesting, but the rest of the film had potential to be much better. Weber has done more successful work elsewhere. Strong points (as ever in Weber): sharp contrast of black and white with accentuated greys and transitions); weak points: a very conservative approach to conceptualisations of the male nude (the naked baby in man’s arms and frolicking naked by the lake have been used far too much already).

  4. jimjam:

    So wonderfully Bruce in every way. No one captures beauty like he does.
    His voice is a little lower than usual interestingly.

  5. Seven:

    I missed the video when it came out, and YouTube has since removed it. Any idea where I might be able to see it?

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December 31, 2014