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August 28, 2010

  1. mack:

    kim gordon is the yoko ono of her generation, except she stinks up the band (instead of breaking it up) with her posing and art world ladder climbing mentality. marc jacobs- well, he is just plain humbs down.

  2. Rob:

    I will never forget the day in the early nineties a friend introduced me into Sonic Youth; I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing, this was what my dreams and nightmares sounded like! Been a fan ever since. Later on I also got acquainted with Marc Jacobs and it all became clear when those two entities teamed up. Just love their work!

  3. ray:

    Marc Jacobs is the commercialized waste of the fashion scene and Sonic Youth is the pseudo cool of a degenerate music as noise culture, Kim Gordon a mere social climber who bangs on her bass as if she knew what the hell was going on

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single general

December 31, 2014