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May 4, 2010

  1. World Man About Town:

    Nice but I would never pay that ridiculous amount for a set of five glasses. Coincidentally, here is an article that I wrote just a few weeks ago about glass ware:

  2. lineage of influence:

    They’re beautiful glasses but as my partner is a glass ware fanatic I know for certainty that she could find vintage pieces that are just as nice for much, much less.

    All it takes is a bit of hunting around and anyway, mix and match is always much nicer and much less ‘try hard’.

  3. Rob:

    Location: NY penthouse
    Event: cocktailparty

    Steve: “Do you have wet towel for me?”
    Bob: “Your shirt! What happened?”
    Steve: “Jeanette and I toasted a little to enthusiastic and we cracked those old glasses of yours”
    Bob faints and drops his own glass on the marble kitchen floor…

  4. Charles:

    Perfectly nice, but fairly unremarkable as they are, but when the price is factored in, they become — like so much that Mr. Browne does — completely ridiculous. I love beautiful things, and have no problem paying dearly for them, but these do not come close to making the cut. But how nice for the designer and for Baccarat that they are selling them all.

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single general

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