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January 28, 2013

  1. A:

    this is vastly intelligent and utterly inspiring, go Dutch!

  2. Rich:

    Here in Chongqing (China) they count down to the next change, be that a change to red or a change to green. So you always know..

  3. Stuart:

    Having nearly been killed a few times crossing roads in Amsterdam I welcome this technical tweak.

  4. Arati:

    We’ve had these installed in Mumbai for a while now (still a couple around, I think). It only makes people impatient. By the time it’s down to 5-4-3, they’ve sped off.

  5. Frankie Rosa:

    yeah go douche…..

  6. Philip:

    We’ve had these “countdown to green traffic lights” in Taipei for quite some time now, probably at least 6-7 years already…

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December 31, 2014