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February 15, 2010

  1. maurizio:

    where is it possible to buy?
    their website is under construction…

  2. Nate:

    Available here;

  3. smnovella antwerpen:

    You can find it in my shop of Officina Profumo Santa Maria Novella at Antwerp.

    The adess is: Augustijnenstraat 39, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium.
    Tel 0032 0 3 2887069

    Gentili Saluti

  4. Alexander S:

    You can get them here, albeit in a different but no less vibrant packaging…

  5. matteo:

    i grew up with that, my mum used to burn it while she cooked!

  6. albano:

    a true classic!
    but just the tip of the iceberg really – products from SMN are astounding – try the new ‘tobacco toscano’ soap bar.

  7. Chris:

    The only place I’ve seen them available is at the Earnest Sewn store in Malibu, CA, but I’m sure they sell them at their other store in LA as well as their stores in NY. Their Malibu address is:
    3835 Cross Creek Road, Suite 17, Malibu CA 90265.
    Their number is 323 931 7100. It’s a fantastic store.

  8. charlie:

    Papier D’Armenie is I think a different brand, but serves a similar purpose, and I think can be bought from Labour and Wait in London

  9. albano:

    hmmm…yes, but the SMN carta d’armenia has a particular scent that isn’t the same as others…and this is very much the tip of the iceberg of their product line….their new ‘tobacco toscano’ soap is truly astounding!

  10. john:

    they have it in the store in new york. i saw it yesterday. i was told it smells like “a catholic church”, but they were not able to burn it in the store to sample because of fire code regulations. seems nice enouh.

  11. Kristopher Houser:

    Hello its Kristopher Houser, I wanted you all to know where we shot this beautiful image. It was shot on location, during one of my trips, at the AMAZING Hotel Maison Delaneau in Antwerp. I
    travel nearly 80 – 90% of the time and items like SMN are necessary to feel at home while on the road, similarly places like Maison Delaneau are essential to stay sane while in flux.

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