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June 14, 2010

  1. edgar:

    Those are CUTE!

    Jan is CUTE!

  2. World Man About Town:

    I like the canvas bags and the boots on their site!

  3. lineage of influence:

    Ah Cargo pants. I’m staying on the fence with these although I like the way they’ve been styled above.

    Michael’s got some other wicked stuff in his ACL shop though, it’s worth checking out..

  4. Craig:

    I’m sorry, but the cargo pants you describe and their “intriguing flaws” are, frankly, just a pair of flawed cargo pants. And $238 to feel “in step” with a plumber? You must be joking…

  5. World Man About Town:

    I think I stand alone in thinking that this Williamsburg look is very over and that many men are walking around the world with cold ankles because of this over-rated fashion of turnups.

    I totally agree with ‘Lineage of Influence’: have a look at the website for other great pieces by ACL instead of the cargo pants.

  6. john:

    michael from the blog should stick to just writing about things and less of these so called collabs, because he gets these pants wrong on most counts

  7. christophe daviet-thery:

    this trouser seems real wonderful but already sold out on their website.

  8. Adrianna:

    this trouser seems real wonderful but already sold out on their website.

  9. Ralf:

    cargo pants? not again-please!

  10. theodore huber:

    To find the best tradesmen I always utilize a specialist trades directory. That way I discover the ideal electrician or carpenter for my needs.

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December 31, 2014