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October 7, 2009

  1. chris:

    looks and sounds delicious!

  2. Roger:

    Of course Anchovy stocks in the Bay of Biscay have been judged to be unsustainable but what the hell, eat the little blighters while you can I say

  3. Steve:

    A fine way to start any meal. With this firmly in my mind, I glance at the clock which reads 9:54…can I make this in to a brunch snack…of course I can…

  4. Adam:

    A delicious recommendation – as are the others you’ve published. I’ll be opening coming dinner parties with this starter.

    Congratulations on creating and providing such a wonderful site.

  5. Spence:

    Fantastic! I’ve never prepared anchovies; they look (as pictured here) as if they are eaten as is. Is this the case?

  6. edgar:

    Anchovies are high in omega 6 which helps brain function and relatively inexpensive. They spoil fast (as most fish high in omega 6 do) so try to get them fresh (alive if possible) and eat them the same day. Then treat yourself to shoes or a bracelet for eating so healthy.

  7. Vincent:

    it looks like the delicious anchovies people from Valencia , Spain, cook in ancients restaurantes. They taste… wow!

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