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June 3, 2010

  1. Wally:

    I can’t make out much of the underwear, but I certainly have ADMIRATION for the model!

  2. James:

    Properly genius? What’s improper genius?

  3. edgar:

    Jan is super CUTE!

  4. World Man About Town:

    Can we see the actual underwear, please? :-)

  5. CLoseted Bi Guy:

    Click on the photo to scroll through the images. I think we could see more of what is being offered (ahem) if the model would stand up rather than sit …

  6. Closeted Bi Guy:

    Hmm … I think I’ll stick with my regular white cotton boxers and skip the t-shirt altogether – we don’t need t-shirts in Southern California anyway.

  7. Drus:

    love the morning coat

  8. Funny Forum:

    Hey, I am checking this site from my Blackberry and it looks awesome. Thought you’d want to know. It’s a great post though, didn’t mess that up :)

  9. Ian:

    Clicking through to The White Briefs’ site will give you the clearest pictures of the wears. You guys are ridiculously nitpicky.

  10. Consumer:

    I was intrigued by their packaging very simplistic and minimal- the fabrics are super soft and they look great as set or by themselves, I bought the tank, a pair of the briefs (platan) and a pair of the willow- the longer brief.
    They were super comfortable an handsome I thought, but after the first wash they pilled extremely badly to my disappointment. And the fit of the (platan) brief is a little to large even in the small to give good support, both myself felt that and another friend of mine whom purchased a pair.


    Dear Consumer,

    We never experienced any problems with our fabric, therefore we see very seriously on your feed-back.
    The fabric we use is a high-quality, GOTS-certificated, long-fibered interlock. The typical character of the interlock is it’s softness and natural flexibility and it has a combed fibre structure.
    We would like to change your items to new ones, so we can review this with our supplier.

    Please send your comments to contact@thewhitebriefs.com

    Best regards

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