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November 18, 2009

  1. Oliver:

    ‘Hand money purse’. Oh god, no thank you.

  2. david c:

    Come on men – is this a step too far??

  3. lawrence d:

    this jokey bag is worse than the raf simons trainers we saw a few days ago, and should be used only when dressed in drag, or on a dare.

  4. Capstick:

    … and high heels, in pink coral, makes the perfect match.

  5. hellorinis:

    Works for gals. Fantastic man is sometimes a bit dykey. Love it for that.

  6. Brad:

    Sorry, not going to do it.

  7. Steve:

    This is beautiful; always worn off of the shoulder from which it hangs, and never slung over. Although I’m not so sure it’d work for the gentlemen as nicely as it does for the ladies.

  8. Mattias:

    I saw it before on bryanboy and i think it’s absolutely fantastic.

  9. JimJam:

    Me neither

  10. Babababble:

    Very Bryanboy.

  11. cashmere marfia:

    Oh Please, swap the chain with a piece of rope and it may sell…..sorry

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single general

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