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October 27, 2009

  1. Rob:

    A very wise decision! But then again; what’s it doing in your hand? Impulse purchase?

  2. charlie:

    I only found this all out after I bought it (it’s my hand it’s in, by the way). I must say though that I find reading on the thing to be such an alert experience. Usually I’m asleep after six pages whenever I read a book. Because you have to turn to the next page quicker with this thing, it keeps you active. Super annoying about not enough books though. And it keeps trying to sell me that godawful WOLF HALL which won the BOOKER prize, and which is pretty much the only new book available on it, and which I never want to read ever in my entire life

  3. Dan Egerter:

    I like the gadget and was surprised that reading off it was so much easier to get used to than from a computer or iPhone screen, but I agree that the greatest disappointment is not being able to access books and content in different languages. If I can buy a books equally well in amazon.com and amazon.de, why can I not download both into my Kindle?

  4. charlie:

    It’s now my life’s mission to work out a way to get around the problem. Even on amazon.com, as soon as it’s aware that it’s me looking at the books for the Kindle from outside of the US, it suddenly limits my options (whereas if I want to buy the US paper version and have it shipped over, it’s happy)

  5. Oliver:

    Charlie, although I could not say for certain that this would be a work around for you, there is such a thing as ‘Virtual Private Network’ (VPN) service, which ‘fools’ whatever site or what-have-you that you access into believing that are located in a country of your choice (in your case, you would want to choose a USA based server).

    I use one of these myself as I am currently working in abroad, but need to access a connection that is blocked here in the USA. It also allows me to watch BBC iPlayer over here, should I ever want to!

    There are plenty to chose from, I use strongvpn.com and found it pretty easy and straight-forward to set up (I have no affiliation with this site).

    This might be something that could work for you.

  6. D. Wright:

    I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this item and many of them cried about all the things it didn’t do.

    The Kindle2 is a portable library. It is light-weight and compact. The screen is supposed to be similar to looking at the paper pages in a book and therefore easier than staring at a backlit computer screen which I certainly do enough of each day. It is all of these things. And in all the complaints I read about the things it didn’t do.. well, those people just need a regular computer. That’s what they are looking for and there are plenty of tiny little computers out there. You want apps? Can’t live without twittering and updating facebook? Then get an I phone you can download books on that too.

    I wanted something to carry with me where ever I went and not to have to choose which book to bring along. I needed to stop collecting shelves and shelves of books that are collecting dust and taking up space.

    The kindle2 is everything I thought it would be and then some.

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