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October 8, 2009

  1. edgar:

    That carpet is amazing.

  2. bas:

    NO, I’m anti branding! Shouldn’t you have enough pleasure of the product without the brand logo lavishly displayed. And what happened to the lovely question of “Where did you get that?!” ?

  3. Steve:

    I’m a little shocked to declare…one wants that bag! It makes me want to drop my knickers and become a label whore…

  4. Vincent:

    It looks great but those logos clearly visible…….mmmmmm…. definitely no, unless you are the boy walking down the streets of NY that appears on the last issue of the magazine.

  5. hiram morales:


  6. Spence:

    I’m an advocate for style, but not really status. It’s agitating that one should be a walking advertisement for something. If I have this special, beautiful object, say a Chanel garmet bag (it is very nice!), the idea is I should own it, not the other way around.


    I believe that FANTASTIC MAN should show more views of this product so we can actually see the details, and really talk about the logo. I cant even see the logo. My products have no logo on the outside because I am like ‘bas’ above- Anti-branding….

  8. Spraypaintedgold:

    Does the rarity of chanel accessories for men transcend the “ridiculous” and “status” conscious branding? No.

  9. Grrg:

    I agree with blogger Mary HK Choi, who described the entire Cocoon line as “totally confusingly uggo.”

  10. Chris Zhang:

    who gonna use that?

  11. Randall Todd:

    I love this photo! I’m a fan of Killspencer’s products but I just love this image exactly as it is here – so not ecommerce-y. Continuing the love fest, I also love this quilted garment bag (the quilting done this way is not logo enough for people? Fascinating!) BUT I wouldn’t dare to own it, I’m already getting annoyed with it’s brandedness and would inevitably throw it out in a rapidly escalating pique of Coco fatigue.

  12. tori:

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