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October 1, 2009

  1. Steve:

    A hard shell suitcase is most unpractical for the majority of workers today (myself included) which is a crying shame because I agree, they really are a thing of beauty. I might experiment by integrating one in to my weekend attire. I’ll let you know how I get on…

  2. aTreasuryOf.com:

    Yes, I’ve been lurking around e-bay for one of these in recent weeks.

    It’s difficult to find them without exterior scratches and the proper amount of interior slots and dividers however.

    It seems to be the classic case of – you see something everywhere until the second you want one for yourself.

  3. Chris Zhang:

    Will check Mr. THOM BROWNE’s autumn collection again.
    It is definitely elegant for the shell:)

  4. Green Apple:

    I have one. Hard Shell??

  5. interior designpresentation:

    This blog has been a helpful study and I’ll tell my acquaintances about it thanks

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December 31, 2014