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May 14, 2010

  1. World Man About Town:

    I like all three of them. I have seen the Hermes ones in brown leather and think that they are nicer than this version. Check Camper for nice sandals this summer too.

  2. jeansebastienBOCK:

    quite exquisite, that blue nubuck Herm├Ęs sandal.

    i already have a similar version from a season or two ago in a darker blue nubuck with ankle strap, otherwise it would be amongst my bet for the season to come. i would also go with the delirious lanvin presented earlier this week.

    these recommendations were very fun. please do similar posts in the futur, maybe on the theme of the perfect leather jacket, or the always urban chino.

  3. peter:

    i hate sandals and even worse are sandals worn by men with ugly feet

  4. lineage of influence:

    ^ I would say that if you are going to wear sandals at the very least you should make sure your feet are half decent. I’m sticking with canvas shoes.

  5. magnus:

    the jil sander ones look great!

  6. World Man About Town:

    Thanks for the sandals suggestions this week. Some interesting options here. My opinion on this is on my blog article here: http://worldmanabouttown.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/battle-of-the-gladiator-sandals/.

  7. rob:

    love the Jil’s

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