What type of garment is key to your personal style?

A simple, black T-shirt.

How many black T-shirts do you have in your wardrobe?

About 15. I buy them in batches of five, always the same brand. I live in a very small flat in central London, so wardrobe space is scarce. I have a one-in, one-out policy.

What is it specifically about them that you love?


What are the defining specifications that make the perfect black T-shirt?

Durability. Most of my clothes are washed in hard water and dried in a dryer. It’s tough on them.

How do you feel when you see other men wearing the same thing? Are you happy for the whole world to wear ‘your’ garment or do you prefer to stand out?

Oh, I definitely do not like to stand out. I’m an all-black, head-to-toe kinda guy. I have no problem with other people dressing like me, but it would be a pretty boring world if everyone did. I love the theatre of fashion… I just don’t want to perform in it. I prefer to dress like one of the ushers! However, I’d break my all-black rule for the burgundy-red ‘May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way’ sweatshirt from VETEMENTS. I love it. Does it come in black?

Who or what do you look at for style inspiration? Do you look at fashion?

Fashion magazines are still my main source for inspiration. Television and film are also an influence. I’m inspired by character and personality — personal style — more so than individual items of clothing

Can you describe the state of your closet? Is it tidy, messy, super organised, folded, boxed, grouped by colour or season, etcetera?

Small is the best word to describe my closet. So, out of necessity, it’s reasonably organised. I worked in a department store for a short time while at university. I was taught how to properly fold a T-shirt, fast. I don’t own a washing machine, so all my clothes are laundered in a nearby launderette. The attendant who washes and folds my clothes is a star, but our methods differ greatly. It’s a little frustrating.

Is there a garment that you used to dislike but ended up loving and wearing? When or why did your aversion to it turn to fondness? What changed your mind?

I can’t think of garment I used to dislike but now love. However, I spent my university years wearing checked shirts, blue jeans, and brown R.M.WILLIAMS boots. That’s a look I have no interest in reinstating. Phew.

Have you ever made a radical change in your ‘look’? Have you ever been tempted to get rid of all your clothes and start again from scratch?

When I was younger I would regularly change my look. I found myself through reinvention. Nowadays, I have little desire to mix it up or change my style. That said, I’m interested in wearing better quality clothes. I’d like my day-to-day wardrobe to be less disposable. I would like to develop my personal style that way.

Do you have a dress code for work? Does your work influence what you wear?

My weekday and weekend looks are exactly the same. I would not — could not — work anywhere that required me to wear a suit or tie. Even for formal social occasions, I look for options other than a suit and tie. I’ve read many interviews with people saying how great they feel in a well-tailored suit… I’m happy for them, but it’s not for me.

What do you wear to look sexy? Do you have a pick up look?

My pick-up look is the same as my drop-off look. Really. But, I like to be prepared should a special occasion pop-up. I have dry-cleaned and pressed shirts and trousers — black, of course — hanging in my wardrobe for date nights.

What amazing tip for wardrobe management or maintenance can you share?

Always hang your clothes on sturdy and/or appropriate hangers. And utilise space — shelving, hanging space (with a deep enough drop) and a shoe rack are especially important in small spaces. Oh…and never, ever hoard. If you don’t wear it, give it to charity, recycle it, or throw it away.