What single garment is key to your personal style?

My FRED PERRY polo shirts.

How many of these shirts do you have in your wardrobe?

At least a hundred. There’s rarely a day I don’t wear one.

What is it specifically about them that you love?

They are so simple and the colour combinations are great. The bad thing about them is that they shrink. Unfortunately, shrinkage and me are not compatible.

What are the defining specifications that make the perfect polo shirt?

I specifically like their classic polos, no capsule collections or diffusions. Although, I did love the COMME DES GARÇONS collaboration they did.

Do you know where your attachment to FRED PERRY comes from? Is it something from your youth, or something you picked up from a specific person? When, who?

It was actually through the COMME DES GARÇONS collection. I used to wear lots and lots of COMME but there comes a point in a man’s life when crazy avant-garde pieces just don’t work anymore. So this collection was a sort of gateway. I bought it because of how much I loved COMME and came out a FRED PERRY obsessive.

Who or what do you look at for style inspiration? Do you look at fashion?

I really don’t look at anyone in particular. Not when it comes to my shirts. That said, I used to be an absolute fashion victim when I was younger. I had a particular thing for Japanese brands and I still have all my original COMME and YOHJI YAMAMOTO stuff from the early ’80s. Lots of loose silhouettes with big shoulders. I have a lot of GAULTIER, and so many amazing pieces that VIVIENNE WESTWOOD made for me. This was before she was doing men’s and she would make clothes for me out of her women’s fabrics. I’ve got all sorts of things like double-breasted leopard print suits and rose embroidered wool trousers.

Can you describe the state of your closet? Is it tidy, messy, super organised, folded, boxed, grouped by colour or season, etcetera?

I’ve just had some custom wardrobes built which are great. They are very, very tall with a beech veneer interior. Everything inside is well organised. I like everything colour coded. All my FRED PERRY’s are in one place. All my trousers are somewhere else, sorted by colour. Otherwise I can’t start my day properly.

What amazing tip for wardrobe management or maintenance can you share?

Cedar balls. I put them in the drawers for moths. I also buy these smelly wax pomanders from SANTA MARIA NOVELLA that hang in the wardrobe. They give everything a nice air and counteract the mustiness of a moth buster.

Have you ever considered settling on a strict uniform and what would it be? Would you consider it a relief, or a loss of options?

I had a school uniform when I was a kid and I loved it. I was proud of it. It was a deep maroon with a yellow trim. Very beautiful, I thought. Then after that I had one that was equally striking, which was navy blue and silver. In my later years the colour black became something of a uniform for me and is something I am trying to break free from. I am on a mission not to wear black.

Do you have a dress code for work? Does your work influence what you wear?

I live in trainers. I do love my TRICKER’S brogues. However, I’m on my feet so much that I can’t wear shoes regularly any more. Other than that, I just wear plain chinos from BANANA REPUBLIC or GAP. Hair styling can be a messy job so I wear things I can just chuck in the washing machine. Deep pockets are useful too, as I don’t like fancy tool belts. I just carry everything in my pocket.

Have you ever made a radical change in your ‘look’? Have you ever been tempted to get rid of all your clothes and start again from scratch?

I did bleach my hair once, in 1985. I knew my hair was about to disappear so I decided to have one last stand and had six glorious months as a blonde.