What ultimately signifies your style of dressing?

Trust yourself but not too much!

What type of garment is key to your personal style?


How many T-shirts do you have in your wardrobe?

About 20 or more.

What is it specifically about them that you love?

They’re easy to wear, fresh. They remind me that I was once young and had a fit swimmer’s body and posture.

What are the defining specifications that make the perfect T-shirt?

Fine, light, cotton, crew-neck, white or grey.

Do you know where your attachment to this garment comes from? Is it something you picked up from a specific person?

Maybe MARTIN SHEEN as CAPTAIN WILLARD in ‘Apocalypse Now’, smoking Winston Reds.

How do you feel when you see other men wearing the same thing?

If he’s my age, I think, “Oh my God, he’s making a fool of himself. Look at those saggy tits and big paunch.” Immediately after, I ask myself, in distress: “Do I look just like him?”

Who or what do you look at for style inspiration?

I’m an old boy of the ’70s, just sporty and casual – but I would have loved to be like MARVIN GAYE.

Can you describe the state of your closet? Is it tidy, messy, super organised, folded, boxed, grouped by colour or season, etcetera?

Tidy and messy at the same time. I just have a few things but those I actually wear are even fewer.

Have you ever made a radical change in your ‘look’?

I’ve never had a radical change, never thought of a “look.” However, when I got rid of my mother’s advice and moved under my wife’s control, things started to look much better.

Have you ever considered settling on a strict uniform and what would it be? Would you consider it a relief, or a loss of options?

A uniform would be great, definitely a relief, because it would allow me to skip making decisions every day.

Do you have a dress code for work? Does your work influence what you wear?

If I have meetings, I just try to dress up decently, otherwise it’s unpredictable…

What amazing tip for wardrobe management or maintenance can you share?

Sorry, I’m the wrong person to ask.