What single garment is key to your personal style?

Denim jeans – I’m an absolute obsessive! Most people will tell you that they never see me without a pair of jeans on and always with turn-ups. I have a real fondness for CARHARTT’s carpenter jean. ALEXANDER McQUEEN once told me they are the perfect fit and he was totally right. I also love a NUDIE ‘Sharp Bengt’ but they don’t make them anymore.

How many denim jeans do you have in your wardrobe?

Probably about six pairs including an amazing high-waisted pair by CRAIG GREEN.

What are the defining specifications that make the perfect example of denim jeans?

It’s all about the fit on the waist, the bum and the thigh. It has to be right. The quality of the denim is important too — I like 12oz ideally — but I focus on fit the most.

Do you know where your attachment to denim comes from? Is it something from your youth, or something you picked up from a specific person?

I’m not really sure where it came from, but probably my youth. My look has evolved over time and it has become easier to get better, heavyweight denim.

Who or what do you look at for style inspiration?

I always keep an eye out for well-dressed people in London and I usually get fixated on a total stranger and how they dress. It hasn’t happened for a while but when it does it usually defines any change in style.

Can you describe the state of your closet? Is it tidy, messy, super organised, folded, boxed, grouped by colour or season, etcetera?

There’s this amazing kit from IKEA that’s like scaffolding, it changed my life! My partner MICKA and I made our own bespoke walk-in wardrobe.

Is there a garment that you used to dislike but ended up loving and wearing? When or why did your aversion to it turn to fondness? What changed your mind?

Yes, that’s happened a few times. It’s usually something that’s a different proportion or colour to what I normally wear and I’ll put it on by accident or see MICKA wearing it and suddenly I’m obsessed.

Have you ever made a radical change in your ‘look’? Have you ever been tempted to get rid of all your clothes and start again from scratch?

Definitely. It happens most often when I look back at photos and think “ugh!” I once had this terrible phase where I only wore black, white and red together. It was like ZARA meets Russian Constructivists.

Have you ever considered settling on a strict uniform and what would it be?

Uniforms are quite interesting but I think they are kind of really boring too. I’m not sure I’m a fan.

Do you have a dress code for work? Does your work influence what you wear?

Not really. I’m super casual. I want to feel comfortable and I’ll probably wear one really key seasonal item. I’m a big fan of CRAIG GREEN jackets; I have about seven of them.

What do you wear to look sexy? Do you have a pick up look?

Boots! I love a classic RED WING or CHIPPEWA boot on a guy. I don’t think trainers are sexy.

Do you choose your outfits in advance? Like, the night before?

Not at all, I throw it together usually.

What amazing tip for wardrobe management or maintenance can you share?

Get someone to build you a shoe rack out of plywood, it changed my shoe storage forever. No more fiddling with those silly expanding shoe racks on wheels.

What underwear do you wear?

SUNSPEL underwear is the best.