What single garment is key to your personal style?


How many shorts do you have in your wardrobe?

I have about 15 pairs of shorts.

What is it specifically about them that you love?

I tend to dress better in the summer and shorts are essential for the season.

What are the defining specifications that make the perfect shorts?

For a more relaxed environment, I’ve recently started to enjoy larger, baggy shorts, which can be quite sexy. But people know me for my short shorts, like the RAF SIMONS and J.CREW five or seven inches. I still like them very much.

Are you happy for the whole world to wear ‘your’ shorts or do you prefer to stand out?

I have to be honest; I would probably prefer to stand out.

Do you know where your attachment to shorts comes from?

It is not from my youth; I used to dress more conservatively when I was a kid. I liked wearing long sleeves even in the summer. Shorts are a habit that I started after I turned 18. It was a means of liberation, I think.

Who or what do you look at for style inspiration?

Fantastic Man is one of them for sure. Also, some workers from specific fields, such as builders, and old videoclips like ‘Domino Dancing’ by the PET SHOP BOYS.

Can you describe the state of your closet? Is it tidy, messy, super organised, folded, boxed, grouped by colour or season, etcetera?

I’m not overly happy with the closet in my flat; it is not as organised as I want. Trousers and jackets are all together. T-shirts and polos are divided into everyday work, sport, tropical ones and long-sleeved ones. I have recently become obsessed by how clothes smell. I spray something from THE WHITE COMPANY on them almost every day.

Is there a garment that you used to dislike but ended up loving and wearing?

I used to hate sportswear, as I was never a fan of the gym, but I recently bought some nice pieces from NIKE and LULULEMON and I like the way they fit. It makes going to the personal trainer more enjoyable.

Have you ever considered settling on a strict uniform and what would it be? Would you consider it a relief, or a loss of options?

I wouldn’t like to be those people that only wears one type of T-shirt or trousers, etcetera... That would stress me out. I would be very, very unhappy. However, my average look consists of ACNE jeans (recently loving their black jeans), a slim fitting polo (usually by RALPH LAUREN), plus my trusted LEVI’S denim jacket and TIMBERLANDS (although I’m considering buying CHURCH’S Chelsea boots for a change).

What ultimately signifies your style of dressing?

I tend to compare people with animals. When I dress I like to imagine myself as an antelope with touches of macaw.