What single garment is key to your personal style?

At the moment, there are three scarves. One is a cotton scarf made by one of the Japanese brand SEILIN & CO.’s many branches called ‘Mother Nature’. I’m wearing it now and I’m feeling satisfactorily neck protected. The second is actually a dish rag my mother gave to me. She really wore it in; it’s paper thin with a few holes. I remember her drying dishes with it. The last one is a vintage YVES SAINT LAURENT cotton scarf. It has a gentle mediterranean motif on it, a cubist rendition of VENUS DE MILO with a block of blue sea behind it. The reason I only have three scarves is because it is so delightful to give them away on a whim. Unfortunately, I gave away all of the beautiful scarves my mother gave me. I always had a scarf or two in my purse to give away, and then I had none left. But I’ve held on to these three for a few months now. I really do love scarves.

What are the defining specifications that make the perfect scarf?

The touch, smell or sight of it must give you an immediate sense of familiarity; something eerie and maternal.

Do you know where your attachment comes from? Is it something from your youth, or something you picked up from a specific person?

A lifelong attempt at embodying, or even approximating, a particular archetype I like to call ‘Vitamin Dad meets Auntie Art Teacher’.

Can you describe the state of your closet?

I keep distilling it. Donating is fun and feels good. Once every few months I tend to fill up a bag and drop it off at the local Out of the Closet. They’re a great charity that supports the Aids Healthcare Foundation and provides free HIV testing.

Have you ever considered settling on a strict uniform and what would it be?

Inconsistency was de rigueur during most of my adolescence (which according to every girlfriend I’ve ever had is an ongoing phase for me). At the moment, I love the ease of a monochromatic outfit, any colour. Jumpsuits are always good. I recently saw Brother DAVID STEINDL-RAST speak and that brown on cream get up is so fresh!

Do you have a dress code for work?

I used to dress up for the grocery store, dress higher up for a party, and dress way down for a show. But now I have no idea and anything goes each day. However, ‘Japanese Gardner’ is always the go-to look.

Do you choose your outfits in advance? Like, the night before?

Nope, I’m more of a three seconds before sorta gal.