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September 22, 2009

  1. Alex Hunter-Heslop:

    to quote a friend of mine
    “better bald than bold”

  2. Magnus:

    There is a whole world of amazing head wear out there waiting for you. Hats also fit better when there is no fluctuation in hair growth underneath

    Alex, I would say that it is better to be BALD and BOLD.

  3. ConcreteMatt:

    I’m not going bald but if I were I would wish I would go bald the same way Gerald Ford has, I think some men who have the hairline for it need to be wearing their hair Gerald Ford style it is a good look.

  4. Mike Radcliffe:

    Baldness should be celebrated, it’s a sign of virility and authority. It’s a little desperate to hold on to your hair when the scalp is really is too visible.

  5. Mike Radcliffe:

    Baldness should be celebrated. It’s a sign of virility and authority, it’s hot!


    Live Fast Die Bald

  7. Jack Davis:

    Oh dear, some very predictable responses. Personally, I think that having hair is always an advantage. Cropped hair looks better on the very young. Try using Regaine, the strongest one from the US. And see The Sartorialist for some examples of older, fashionable men who are thinning but haven’t clippered. In the past, balding, greying men didn’t crop and looked much more elegant.

  8. Mr Lloyd:

    Why not copy this chap and stick crystals to your head?

  9. Spraypaintedgold:

    There is a prescription drug available that will keep all of ones remaining hair. Though hair loss continues as soon as you stop taking the once daily pill.

  10. Boss Tweed:

    Have you thought about wearing a small wig ?

  11. Biig Mike:

    A key thing to remember as you move toward the clippers- get in shape! Keep the body fat as low as possible and hit the weights (esp. shoulders.) The shorn head look will emphasize your musculature and you WILL get laid! Conversely- if your face is on the cherubic side, it will emphasize the pudge too.

  12. Le Fist:

    Kojak, Yul Bryner… Testaments to the sexiness of going commando in a follicular way. It can also be tres sexi on a younger guy, especially if bespectacled. The only drawback is that the shape of the head becomes very important. There is nowhere to hide. Well, you could always take to wearing a hat.

  13. Alexander:

    All my hair fell out a couple of years ago but then grew back, it has now started to fall out again and recently a hairdresser gave me some hair powder spray. It works really well and is very subtle, just make sure that you don’t over do it and always rinse it out at the end of the day.
    What I have also been doing is having accupuncture, and I I have really noticed a change. The two main reasons for hair falling out are stress & over heating and by having accunpuncture I am gradually reducing both of these things!

    Hope this helps is of some use.

  14. Worldmanabouttown:

    Just embrace baldness. Looking after hair takes far too much time. Plus, you can invest on a decent collection of hats!

  15. cris:

    As a rule i would try to make balance with the exiting hair on you face,

    i would star to cut my hair shorter and my be leave a bit of un-shave bear, like a 2 day trim bear….

    we are generally use to have hair in our head once is gone, looks a bit odd
    nothing to really worrier about just have some kind of bear or a mustache
    makes it look a bit more balance….

  16. GF:

    “out should come the clippers” ?? Is that supposed to be a credible answer to such a sensitive question? I would have expected some more homework and right direction from my favorite online style journal!

  17. thedapperguru:

    A bald head is a sign of confidence. Many men hold on to their hair because they hide behind it. If you’re confident people will respect you. I personally hate hair so I shave it off. It works for me. Do what works for you. Don’t hold on to something that can’t be saved. YOU OWN IT! AND COMMAND RESPECT!

  18. Alexandra Demotta:

    Brilliant article!

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