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November 3, 2009

  1. michael kuwahara:

    the tie can or cannot be worn, and it is a matter of the wearer’s character. if it has a frilly random pattern, it suggests that such wearer should just drop the matter altogether. if it has a solid “classic” pattern, depending on who it is, it is all right. if the wearer works in the finance industry, it is most likely that he does not know what to do with it and was purchased by his wife or girlfriend. only a person who wants to wear a tie can wear a tie properly.

    tie clips are okay for men (i say men, not boys, which includes those in their 20s) while tie bars are a strange accessory and unnecessary (and cumbersome) accessory in this day.

    as for thom browne, nobody is looking at his tie bars or tie clips because they are too busy laughing at his pants.

  2. Mr Cheap Date:

    On a related topic (or not) I’m personally not liking either cufflinks or cutaway collars on shirts. It’s all bit M & S Businessman (as opposed to S & M Businessman, my daily apparel).

  3. Colin Chapman:

    I SO agree. All cufflinks should be binned immediately, along with the person wearing them. Whenever someone exclaims a liking for cufflinks (and it happens more often than you think) it’s a sign that they’re too scared too express themselves through clothes. Cufflinks are seen as being ‘non fashion’ and therefore safe.

  4. george louloudis:

    Cufflinks are a bit of a necessity when wearing a shirt with cuffs, yes? but the choice of cufflink should be as restrained as possible, unless of course one wants to draw attention to oneself (as is usually the case when one purchases gaudy acccessories).

    Removable collars, on the other hand, should never be brought back except for filming of period pieces.

  5. Albert:

    I’m not a fan of tie clips or other fussy details on a man, but I found this image of a young chef from Ontario in the Financial Times this weekend, and I think the tie clips looks really good on him. Also because it seems functional. A chef wants to look dapper in the kitchen, but he doesn’t want his tie hanging in the soup or sauce, I reckon.

  6. Colin Chapman:

    There are plenty of shirts, even dress shirts, that do not require cufflinks, they are never a necessity if you choose the shirt carefully.

  7. Kirk:

    I think the question was about tie clips and not cuff links. . .

    Thanks, Albert, for the photo of the 19-year-old chef who wears the clip so naturally.

    Doesn’t anyone remember when Justin Timberlake donned his tie clip for the cover of GQ magazine?

    Maybe a younger generation is discovering anew a practical and potentially-stylish accessory.

  8. Mr Cheap Date:

    The question was indeed about tie clips. I was interested to know thoughts about one of my personal style oh nos. Another is the new suit minus tie fad. How about a forum on tie widths? Did I really say that out loud?

  9. Beha:

    Before diving into the whole tie-clip talk, I’d like to say that I think cuff-links can be used as a great accessory, but no more than that though. It is really an example on a form-without-function-item, but I do think it can look good.

    In my opinion it isn’t really possible to generalize tie-clips, by using age, as with most other items the style of the item plays a big role as well.


    A tie-clip like this can work very well at young/younger person, maybe even better at young person than an older.

  10. concrete matt:

    I give this one a yes. Tie clip is fine to wear. Also I love the link above. that is a perfect tie clip I also like that he folded his pocket square flat, the pocket square and tie clip play nicely together.

  11. mark jensen:

    Of course tie clips or tie bars are good to wear. The under 40 crowd loves them with a skinny tie and top shirt button open. Very non-chalant classy look. Maybe with jeans, maybe a skinny suit. This crowd is discovering neckwear and accessories and using them in ways that reflect their tastes. Look at all the scarves now being used as neckwear substitutes. Men have always found ways to adorn the neck.

  12. sticky mcbiscuit:

    I recently bought two tie clips at a vintage store and found they’re handy when wearing skinny ties. Wider ties don’t need them as the top blade can easily cover the bottom blade, but this often isn’t the case with skinny ties. Plus they’re very Mad Men.

  13. Joe:

    Very Detroit 1963. Anyone for sock suspenders?

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