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January 5, 2010

  1. Patrik:

    Fewer masculine caricatures, a deterioration in flannels, socks with sandals, structured halter tops, and increased functionality for gadgetry without sacrificing aesthetic or resorting to cargo pockets. Also, I hope that lipstick crosses over.

  2. Anders:

    I thought it was interesting to see how in that science fiction film Avatar, set in 2160 or something, they don’t even try to suggest a future fashion – all ‘humans’ in that movie dress in 2009 style. Is it not cool anymore in Hollywood to think about fashion in future times? As for the coming 10 years, I would love to see more use of amazing nylons, and a more outspoken dress style in general. Why not layer 2 pairs of jeans? It looks great and is a fine solution in cold winters too. Also, I would love to see ‘sleeveless for men’ done in a nice way, which seems like such an impossibility and an enormous future challenge.

  3. siwi:

    oh gee, well this one is easy to answer. men will be wearing skirts. only skirts. skirts are so now.

  4. Mr M Miller:

    The teenies will see a return, to the age of elegance for Masculinty, with spashes of technological integration. Garments will become interfaces to the big wide world, allowing us to interact and digest greater amounts of information at previously unseen speeds. We will be more human, than ever before but at the same time be as far from humanity as humanly possible. We will be instantly available, but emotionless islands, using technological textiles to shield us from what we have created. But there will also be a counter technological movement, and a return to a wider knowlege of the Beautiful crafts on which fashion and garment construction was founded, hand canvasing, heavy stabstitching etc

  5. panino:

    Lack of identity will promote tribal outfits in a sense of medieval or hierarchical code, that will change swiftly and it will take a lot of attention to not fall off the wave in your current tribe. A lot of time will be spent in pursuing the latest and newest subtle details to a point of maddening superficiality. The male costume will see a baroque-ish makeover, suddenly becoming more decorative than the female dress. More and more women will compete for the still -potent men with other men too. At one point the noveaute will become extinct since re-dos and re-editions will make its appearance every half generation. Generally – the finest aesthetets will be sooo bored that something quite unexpected will happen in fashion, and not many will dare to follow at first. Wander what this could be?

  6. Vincent V.:

    The next ten years the feminization of the man will continue. At the end of the next decade there will be a reaction and men will start to wear classic suits again and grow their beard.
    Another important topic is globalization: there will be a large influence of China and India. Oriental influences will also be visible in the western male fashion.
    The research for innovative materials will continue throughout the next decades.

  7. reynie:

    hopefully in the immediate future, men in their late 20s and 30s will grow up and give up wearing sneakers, caps, hoodies, t-shirts with logos, etc etc and riding bikes (unless they are french in france or chinese in china) and skateboards around.

  8. Mr Cheap Date:

    Labels go on the inside.

  9. Jorden:

    “hopefully in the immediate future, men in their late 20s and 30s will grow up and give up wearing sneakers, caps, hoodies, t-shirts with logos, etc etc and riding bikes (unless they are french in france or chinese in china) and skateboards around.”

    While I agree with the caricature of many of that generation wanting to dress like children well into adulthood, to suggest that the bicycle should be cast aside like so many adolescent playthings is a ridiculous subservience to the outmoded ideas the car industry has taught you regarding self-image and appropriateness. Nothing more stylish and becoming in these times (and into the future) than a fashionable person getting around on two wheels in my eyes.

  10. Lee:

    Personally I hope to see men embrace accessories more. Perhaps the idea of the modern man dressing more femininely shall lead to more men discovering the practicality of carrying a bag. Also with Miuccia Prada announcing that she will be creating skirts for men and Marc Jacobs sporting a skirt practically everywhere last year, it seems inevitable this style will quite soon become a more popular amongst designers in the near future.
    As much as I feel it is important to take inspiration from the fairer sex, I feel it is also important to show that menswear can develop on its own, independent of female influence. New shapes and silhouettes would help move men’s fashion forward throughout this new decade.

    Well, no matter how it goes I look forward to embracing menswear this decade.

  11. Corey:

    Men along with women will evolve in general. Gone are the days where we simply be told what to buy and buy it. Retailers will need to realize that not only will they continue to listen to their consumers needs, but they will also have to change the way people accept style. People want to be themselves. Men will begin the war to fight the sterotypical roles we have placed on ourselves. Whats wrong with feeling sexy, or pretty as a man….

  12. Mr Cheap Date:

    I think an increase definitely over the next year of bold, block colours as opposed to the now cliched stripes and, particularly, plaid . Men will hopefully ditch the cheap landfill fabrics of the last eighteen months and shop for less but higher quality, timeless, and therefore longer-lasting, garments. I would go so far as to say it is our ethical obligation to do so.

  13. Worldmanabouttown:

    Have a look at the 2010 forecast for men’s style at

  14. le fist:

    I see foil, lots of foil. And cellophane!

    Seriously, I think we’ll pretty much be wearing the same things, only more streamlined, leaner, cleaner. Technology is going to be integrated into our clothes in a more direct way… We probably wont need laptops etc and this will affect things drastically. Its going to be all about fabric innovation -climate change, eco-responsible – and construction techniques. The latter will probably influence what we will wear the most. Perhaps developments in athletic sportswear will point the way. There’ll also be a resurgence of the handmade as a reaction to this.

    Fashion as we know it might well be extinct and we’ll define ourselves increasingly through other mediums, real or digi-real.

    Who knows. Let’s hope we’re alive to see it and to wear it!

  15. Worldmanabouttown:

    Do nude tones work for men’s fashion?

  16. Gibron:

    I think that in the next decade there will be a heavy combination of Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi. I feel that there are a lot of ideas being pulled from past eras: Victorians, forties, and Fifties, both in men and women’s fashion. All of those times previously listed are very Lo-Fi, and then with the progression of technology you have the Hi-Fi.

    We have seen a lot of Men growing mustaches and beards, a very popular style during the Victorian Era, and just the notion of men dressing up, and being “dapper” and “dandy” is very late 19th century /early 20th century. Also the idea of man against the machine (Forties Sci-Fi) and man against antagonistic monsters like vampires and werewolves (Romantic Era) and solely the man against himself and his own society (Fifties) and become very prevalent in our media.

    So what does does all of that mean? I sense that in the next decade that a fashionable Men’s silhouettes will stay lean, with very impressive tailoring in softer fabrics. There will be a feeling of Romanticism in the way that clothes are presented. And moreover, there will be a sense of aggression with a need to stay minimal in order to stay alive — so to speak.

  17. Worldmanabouttown:

    Access(orise) all areas

  18. Tim:

    An updated version of whatever was hip in 2000. Just like everyone has been looking back to the ’90s lately, which was 20 years ago.

  19. Worldmanabouttown:

    The importance of colour in the future of men’s style is discussed in the blog post ‘Colour my world with sunshine yellow each day’:

  20. Worldmanabouttown:

    And boots and the importance they have recently had in AW collections:

  21. freddy:

    i think in the year 2020 the femenin gay look has reached his decadence and men will be dressing more manly again, its propably getting even worst for the next 2 maby 3 years and young men will dress super girly and push that emo look till nobody can see it anymore… so i think theres comming a big change and men will stand up and look like mens again! ruff materials, a lot of denim, sweaters with a lil grimey gangster touch in it…

  22. Worldmanabouttown:

    I totally agree with Freddy’s comments from 6 February, and I even think that shift to refocus on masculinity will happen before. Style has embraced the conservative masculinity of the early 60s and you can see that in Tom Ford’s collections for men or TV series like Mad Men. A positive development when it comes to men’s fashion, I think!

  23. Jeremy:

    I’d like to think people, not just men, will begin desiring a sense of individuality, and then consequently dress like they are individuals. No more looking to television shows to gain a sense of style/identity. No more generic menswear lines selling the same navy blazer, black trouser, knit mock-neck zip ups, epaulets, striped shirt, etc. No more Acqua Di Gio. How about some connoisseurship? And by that I mean simple consumer awareness: an understanding of how clothes are made, what good fabrics are, and an appreciation for them. And perhaps all the individuality (i.e. exclusivity) that you need is just a small bit of the object or garment’s story, or a detail, or a reference that has meaning to you and no one else. And because you are a connoisseurship you will be able to find those meanings. This is also better for the budget (better to buy selective and few than indiscriminate and many).

    As fashion becomes an entertainment industry and is overexposed to marketing ploys, fast fashion retail, blogs, and reality shows, we could very well see an abandonement from all the qualities and established meanings we have come to know as fashion within our pop-culture. This means an effort to find new mysteries as well as rediscover the ones forgotten. You could call it anti-fashion, and that’s precisely where I’d look to begin this change (artistic dress in menswear is FULL of fantastic ideas). Though ultimately it will not be a radical change from the old system, if anything it will be more authentic and true to it.

  24. Worldmanabouttown:

    I also think that shoes will become more colourful and playful, yet stylish. Have a look at

  25. Worldmanabouttown:

    And hopefully stonewashed skinny jeans will vanish…


    The future direction will lie in the Asian subcontinent of India and the Far East. With Japan and Korea always looking forward and looking sharper than their American peers, they will continue to inspire the rest of the world of design and style. One word…Tokyo. The people of Tokyo (both Japanes and gaijin) have a sharp sense of living, with everything from the clothes they wear to the things they surround themselves with.

    Thai designers and the warm/exotic aesthetic that comes from the cultural literacy of all things Thai will become more prevalent in the realm of style as more and more people spend their holidays in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

    India will always inspire due to its cultural diversity and with the mass marketization of yoga and all things holistic. The popular Indian silver threading and workmanship that goes into intricate embroideries will be showcased around the world.

    As Continental Europeans travel more to these fascinating places in The East, we’ll see the influence in the way people dress. We’ll see inspiration from bazaars in Phnom Penh and QR Codes on price tags from Tokyo.

    Would love to see more inspiration from Brazil, Russia, India and China on the international scene.

    Who doesn’t love the beachy/laid back feel of the Brazilians or the warm wools and furs for winter from Russia? How about the intricacies in workmanship that come from Indian embroideries and their love for silver threading and gold jewelry?

    …and China with its enormous population and her hosting of the 2010 World Expo. We would love to see more lucky reds and all things Far East. Go East, young man!

    What about things coming out of South Africa with the hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?


    I also hope more of menswear will reflect the classic styles of sharply dressed Italian men. Less T shirts and more bespoke button downs. Smart shoes… A look that is put together yet still looks effortless and timeless.

  28. sarah manser:


  29. amir:

    my extreme predictions it would be simple, minimalistic, and less to wear on body :P

  30. Pablo Morales:

    In the future I think men’s style is going to ease into something more minimalistic and tougher. Also I think we’ve reached a point in fashion where everything is an omage or a reference to some past event. This I think is gonna cause fashion to shift to the designers who are creating new visions for the future. And there will obviously be a greater connection between fashion and technology in fabrics, and in cool tricks. Invisibility cloak anyone?

    But in general more black, looser fits, lighter fabrics, and a slight return to nature for inspiration.

    Unless you believe in 2012, in that case you probably don’t care.

  31. Andrew A. Sailer:

    How did you make this template? I got a blog as well and my template looks kinda bad so people don’t stay on my blog very long :/.

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  33. Ryan Crewe:

    Action fashion. I think fashion will embrace post-modernism to a greater depths and tell a story beyond status and style.

  34. World Man About Town:

    It will definitely move towards traditional depcitions of masculinity

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