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September 21, 2009

  1. ConcreteMatt:

    Well I guess it depends on personal style but my main determining factor is the suit jacket. I feel that if the jacket itself matches or is at least close to the weight or texture of the jeans then it is somewhat acceptable but i would use cation. I think tweed or flannels looks pretty sharp with denim, I also have a heavy sort of canvas jacket that I like to wear with jeans on the week end.

  2. KOROK:

    If it looks like you are recycling the jacket of a long dead suit (trews having half the life expectancy of coats) then you look like a tramp. In a bad way.

  3. ConcreteMatt:

    “then you look like a tramp.” funny.

  4. Christos:

    In my opinion, jeans should be ”elegantly” eliminated from a man’s wardrobe. Starting from the age of 25… I haven’t worn jeans for many many years and i really don’t miss them at all. I’m not trying to be snobbish but i think there are plenty of choices out there more stylish and even more casual than a pair of jeans. Choices that it’s up to you to make.

  5. nosneakers:

    Let’s not forget the classic combination of a brown or beige corduroy coat (elbow patches, yes please) and jeans. Just be sure not to drag the look down with sneakers.

  6. Roger:

    Is Christos correct? At what age should a gentleman desist from jeans-wearing? I’m in my high 40s and I do still wear jeans on occasion (I have several pairs from A.P.C. and one from Mr Paul Smith) but I wonder if I should, as Christos suggests, have eliminated them from my wardrobe by now? I still feel comfortable in them, but should I?

  7. Joey:

    I’ve always believed you should never put on jeans after 6 PM, unless you are already wearing them. In that case you should have on appropriate underwear.

  8. nightshiftboy:

    It’s simple. Always depends from the personal style, age, body shape and how you support it.

  9. joseph:

    I believe, and that is what we are talking about here, that this is a matter of taste. I, for one, refuse to wear a blazer or spot coat with jeans (though I’ve gone so far as to have procured a track jacket made of suiting materials), and never a suit coat or waist coat with jeans, for that matter.

    If you want to wear a jacket, wear the trousers too.


  10. AJ:

    In the colder climate of new york city, jeans are a hard item to remove from the wardrobe. but, that being said, i almost never wear a suit jacket with jeans. i did last week but that was because the tome i am reading wouldn’t fit in any other pocket and i wasn’t going to bring a bag out for one book.

  11. Peter:

    In my opinion jeans are a key element of a well dressed modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Jeans, but perhaps not as you know them. I suggest you check out brands like APC. In regard to wearing a suit jacket with jeans, my view is no, no, no. Acquire a blazer instead.

  12. George:

    I have also been thinking about delving into this dress code, having previously viewed the trend of jeans with suit jackets as one of the most common cringe-inducing fashion disasters.

    I think the problem is that the idea is, initially, so tantalising: “What’s that?!” you say, “An outfit that literally fits that vague term ‘smart-casual’ that I’ve so tentatively been trying to figure out since turning 20? Brilliant!”

    But wait.

    Before we head out and buy into this trend (which, let’s face it- is everywhere, every season), remember what this look says. Dull: that’s what it says. It says middle of the road, can’t be bothered dullness that neither stuns with smart allure nor intrigues with personality. It’s more uniform than a suit in that it neuters any interest the separate garments might have had.
    Having said that, I was thinking of buying a nice charcoal suit jacket the other day, and with no trousers with it- what to wear? Jeans?

  13. Le Fist:

    I think it all depends on the cut of the jacket and the jeans. And the choice of footwear. And the man wearing them. It can look terribly generic and clumsy or very chic in a carefree sort of way. The Italians have been rocking that look for centuries. Well, not quite but you get what I mean. My pet hate is pinstripe/jeans/white tee. Awful. Then again it depends on who’s wearing it. 6 and two threes…

  14. Theis Jessen:

    I love this discussion! I am currently shooting a jeans documentary and we are talking about this subject with people in the jeans and fashion industry… The film, “Blue Gold” is about the culture of jeans. Check out our website with clips from the movie and blog as well:

  15. Concrete Matt:

    Hey Jessen,

    The movie looks cool. I absolutely love jeans and have a decent collection. My all time favorite are Japanese reproduction jeans which I have a few modeled after lee and levis. Sorry this is off topic but I get jazzed when people talk about jeans.

  16. the_inside_out:

    A suit jacket should always be worn with its complimenting trousers. If you want to wear a jacket with jeans wear a blazer. A blazer is a singular item. A suit jacket is just that – a jacket from a suit and should be worn as such.


    functionality overrides style

  18. Pixie Vanilla:

    I think jeans and a jacket are alrite.. of course if you know how to rock them properly.
    In order to see this, we would have to see it from a global scale.. what are people in other countries wearing? check out this magazine

    it’s called Schön! Magazine and it is one of the best inventions since the wheel. It gives a fresh perspective to the world of fashion and an opportunity for fashionistas to participate and show the world your preferences and trends! i loved it, but check it out and let me know what you think!!!

  19. Worldmanabouttown:

    Not exactly Sussudio style, but dark blue jeans and nicely cut blazers (not the obvious suit jacket) are absolutely a fine combination. Benneton do nice jackets that match jeans very well. Avoid jeans with skinny and boot cuts and this can be a great combo. See

  20. The Fashion Informer:

    Christos and Roger,

    As a woman, I love the look of jeans on men of all ages. Though they must, of course, be the right jeans (by which I mean slim – but not too skinny – and high-waisted “mom” jeans are absolutely verboten). And as with everything in life, jeans look better on those who’ve maintained a fit physique (you don’t have to be skinny, but a denim-induced muffin top isn’t a good look for either gender).

    As a rule, I think you can’t go wrong with a pair of plain, dark denim jeans from Levi’s, APC, Jean Shop, etc. And unless you are very young and reside in Williamsburg (or some other achingly hip ‘hood), it’s probably best to avoid pre-shredded jeans and those with obvious whiskers, holes, patches, etc. as they tend to make one look a bit TTH – and when it comes to jeggings, for the love of God, just say no!

    In general, I think most men look quite handsome in jeans and a blazer (tweed, suede, wool, even velvet, if the cut is good). It’s all about staying true to your personal style. I’ve seen young guys in jeans and traditional tweed blazers with elbow patches who look great, and I also know a guy in his fifties who rocks his jeans with a well-loved Dolce & Gabbana brown velvet blazer, and he looks terrific. As for wearing jeans with an actual suit jacket? That’s much trickier and really depends on the suit (though I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done successfully, to be honest).

    But jeans are a classic wardrobe item and if you like them and they continue to suit you (no pun intended), I don’t think there’s a cut-off age at which they need to be retired. Think of someone like Paul Newman, who wore jeans – and looked great in them – his entire life.

  21. The Fashion Informer:

    Also, Guy Trebay wrote a piece about this very topic (the wearing of jeans by older men, not suit jackets and jeans) in the Times last week. Here’s a link:

  22. Rob:

    When it comes to wearing jeans with a suit jacket I would say “don’t do it”. A suit jacket, tends to be cut longer, I would recommend a blazer, single button, slim fitting, but not tight. It’s better to go for a material like tweed, or velvet. Or something patterned like prince of wales check.
    Of course you want avoid looking like Jeremy Clarkson.

    Go for dark, unwashed demin, APC and Nudie are good for this. Preferably look for jeans with the red selvedge stripe on the seam and team with loafers, brogues or a particularly good set on trainers. Addidas Stan Smith are a personal fave.

  23. Worldmanabouttown:

    My thoughts on this on my blog post “Blazers of Glory”

  24. Rodrigo:

    Well, there are suit Jackets that look just like plain blazers and could look fine with jeans, but I wouldnt consider it elegant or forma at alll!! Maybe, semi formal…

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  27. Just Goods:

    Jeans with anything, with any jacket, even with a tuxedo jacket. The jeans should probably be darker, although a lighter jacket could suit lighter jeans. A good fitting jacket is the key, cut of the jeans can vary as a matter of preference, although slim and slightly relaxed would be playing it safe.

  28. Just Goods:

    p.s. ROB probably gave the choicest answer.

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  31. Looking for Good Advice:

    LOL – comments on this thread are entertaining to say the least. Three quarters of the people posting here must be covered head to toe in fairy dust. The only rational, helpful post was made by a woman – “The Fashion Informer”. Everyone else must have been looking in the mirror too hard at themselves when they were typing in their responses.

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