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April 1, 2010

  1. timothylupinek:

    always dress for the occasion and comfortability.

  2. timothylupinek:

    and the reason why is because if you follow this rule you should never feel out of place or uncomfortable.

  3. Max:

    seriously? Did this dinner party happen in 1952… or at a republican convention? Considering the progression of mens fashion I think it’s time to forget about archaic fashion rules. Unless you’re wearing Christian Audiggier all clothing should be fair game.

  4. Kyle:

    If he wore the jacket effortlessly then all is well. Effortlessly suggests that he was cognizant of the fashion rule, but stylish enough to transcend it.

  5. Charles:

    Indeed, seasons should affect dress. But no need to be rigid about it . . . in the N.E. of the U.S., white pants are only worn after Memorial Day, and not after Labor Day. In the South, where I grew up, we wore white pants and bright colors — and, indeed, seersucker suits — after Easter. So the rules can be adapted, especially, as noted above, by someone with style. No tweed in town, unless it’s incredibly well cut and worn with something contrastingly fine for city wear. White dinner jackets only in resort climates or in the country (unless it’s a themed party). But green shoes any time of year. All those coppery tones in the windows at Carolina Herrera can be worn this spring. Mr. S.L. Clemens wore white suits habitually. So best to know the rules and decide whether or not you wish to apply them in the particular circumstance.

  6. Worldmanabouttown:

    As far as I am concerned, only fabrics should be considered according to the seasons. A thick wool jumper in the height of summer is impossible to wear, as are shorts or sandals on a snowy day. Other than that, one should appropriate fashion as one’s own thing and enjoy one’s own rules.

  7. Jamie:

    While I’d never be dogmatic about it, the seasons have a huge influence on my clothing choices. Winter has had a lot of bomber or bomber-affiliated jackets, burglar hats, dark polo shirts and dark denim, but even now with the crocuses starting to expand a little I’m starting to think in pastels.

  8. Davidikus:

    Season should affect dress because season is about light and nothing has a greater impact on how you look. A goth teenager does look very out of place in Rio de Janeiro. I love seersucker and will wear it whenever I can. (I even shot seersucker: one picture can be seen on my websites: However, I think seersucker is not an evening fabric: it really requires too much light to look good indoors or in the twilight.

  9. deluxeduck:

    i never dress according to the season, but more according to the weather. eg: i wear gingham shirts in the middle of winter simply because they are light enough for layering and they do add interest to typically drab winter wear. if your colleague thought that seersucker felt right at that time, then so be it. whoever pointed out his perceived faux pas should know that ‘bitchy’ is soooo last season dahling.

  10. World Man About Town:

    Some rules may make sense, after all, like no flip-flops in the city and especially never in the office!

    Check out my article on this subject at

  11. nojackla:

    If I may offer a different point of view…While these rules may not always make sense when one takes into account such pesky facts as “weather”, “logic” and “reason”, they do engender an observance of occasion.
    I remember standing outside St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans one Easter morning and I overheard a tourist inquiring as to why everyone was wearing white. A woman standing in line to get into the church for services overheard the same question. “Why are we wearing white?” she asked. “Why are we wearing white?” she repeated in disbelief. “Because we can!”
    To this woman, and to me as I understood completely what she meant, these little rules can elevate the everyday matter of choosing what to wear to a celebration of time and place. Of course, one should be allowed to wear a seersucker suit whenever we feel it would be most comfortable but isn’t it a little more special when one holds off until the Kentucky Derby?

  12. Closeted Bi Guy:

    I let the Southern Callifornia weather dictate what I wear … and as for flip-flops and shorts in the office? I say YES!! YES!! YES!!

  13. rui:

    as long as you’re wearing the clothes and the clothes arent wearing you, who cares.

  14. MW:

    I’m a bit of a traditionalist. Don’t get me wrong, wear whatever the hell you like- but I think we can all agree that there are certain fabrics better reserved for certain times of the year. Seersucker before Easter does seem a bit progressive for my tastes, but perhaps that’s partly because there could very well still be snow on the ground at Easter where I’m from. If it were 30 degrees and sunny while I was hunting for eggs, perhaps seersucker would seem like a better idea. Of course I undeinably believe that if there was every a bench mark of a date to begin wearing Seersucker for the season- Easter is a brilliant time to start!

    However, one thing I do try to ignore is the “White after Labour Day” thing. I fully embrace the nude, on taupe, on cream, on white, on pale peach, on nude, on beige thingy that’s been happening lately. A huge fan of muted, wishy washy colours all year round!

  15. Rodrigo:

    Seersuckers before easter?

    The fact that easter has arrived doesnt mean that the weather magically changed and made it ok for you to wear your seersuckers. It doesnt mean that before it wasnt hot and you couldnt wear them. The weather has been changing people! One day can be hot, the next one can be freaking cold! Summer starts late, winter starts sooner… or the opposite! To say that you have to wait until Easter to wear sersuckers is ridiculous!

    I personally do like to wear certain fabrics on certain seasons… Like no wool, on summer! and probably not on spring either! Yes, natural fabrics on hotter weather since they tend to be more absorbent! but if you want to do otherwise thats your business… I just think it will be a little unconfortable! Same with wearing black on a really hot day! Black attracts heat, if its 100 degrees outside and you are wearing a light color you will be hot, but if you are wearing black you will be freaking hot

  16. Pablo Morales:

    clothes are clothes

    but where i’m from, if you wear pants in the summertime your crazy

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